Schrabidium is a recently discovered element with various properties. It is very heavy and tough, making it perfect for the best tools and armor pieces. There is only one known (more or less) stable isotope of schrabidium.

Production Edit

Schrabidium was discovered after a nuclear bomb exploded just twenty meters above an uranium ore vein. Just a very small portion of the uranium turned for reasons unknown into schrabidium. Schrabidium can also be created with a device called "schrabidium transmutator", which needs the energy a nuke would give to 1m² right at the edge of the area of complete destruction, which equate to roughly 500,000,000 HE for *one* ingot.

And JUST maybe we made it in a particle accelerator

Uses Edit

Schrabidium can be used for all sorts of tools, armor and even weapons. Due to it's incredible density, a schrabidium bullet will penetrate the skin of any creature, even the iron golem or the ender dragon. A hammer made from 6m³ would weigh about twelve thousand times more than the Mjölnir.

Schrabidium is also used for SBN fuel (schrabidium-neptunium-beryllium fuel), creating excessive amounts of heat and plenty of power.

Properties Edit

Schrabidium is element #126, has an atomic weight of 312amu and has a density of  39.7k kg/m³. Even though schrabidium seems to have a bright blue color, the actual metal is grey, the odd color comes from very quick corrosion.

It reacts violently when encountering pressure and magnetism, special schrabidium compounds can react the same way when hit by neutrons. When reacting in such ways, the schrabidium nuclei create a Fólkvangr Field, which will consume and compress surrounding particles.