This guide will teach you how to get the plutonium isotopes needed to build advanced nuclear fuel and stronger nuclear explosives.

Concept Edit

Much like uranium, plutonium too can be processed into hexafluoride. Plutonium isotopes can be seperated by centrifuging hexafluoride gas, since the isotopes have different mass. Unlike uranium, plutonium does not require an additional cleaning step since it's made from already pure uranium, either by being bred in a special reactor chamber or by being extracted from spent fuel rods.

Visualisation Edit

Plutonium enrichment

This graphic shows all the resources and processing steps required to turn ore and uranium rods into plutonium isotopes.

The complete process needs two resources:

  • Uranium (in rod form)
  • Fluorite

It also requires three machines:

  • Breeding Reactor (optional)
  • Chemical Plant
  • Cehntrifuge

Note: There are also other ways to obtain plutonium, such as extracting it from spent fuel rods via centrifuge, or by transmutation in a cyclotron. Breeding is simply the most commonly used method, especially the first time plutonium is being created.

Note 2: There's a fourth machine required for obtaining plutonium powder, either being the shredder or the cyclotron. Due to the amount of possible ways to obtain plutonium powder, the step required to get it is only hinted at.

In order to make a single nugget of fissile plutonium, following items are required:

  • Plutonium Powder (most commonly bred from uranium) (1x)
  • Fluorite Powder (3x)
  • Water (1000mB)

Plutonium is actually preferable to uranium because it can be cheaper (once enough fuel for the breeding reactor has accumulated, mainly U238 as a byproduct of uranium enrichment), and since the actual usable content of plutonium is higher to the one of uranium (uranium has 1:8 usable nuggets, only being U235, while plutonium has two useful isotopes, Pu238 and 239, therefore 4:5 nuggets). Plutonium fuel also generates more power, as well as heat, making it a more profitable - albeit dangerous - fuel.

Warning: Items in this production chain can be radioactive, wearing a hazmat suit is advised.